Mattel hosted their Mattypalooza panel at SDCC this weekend and there was a bevy of news announced. One of the big announcements is that 2015 will be “The Final Year”. Its not clear if thats the final year of the Club Eternia subscription, or the entire line, but we share the reveals, new subs, upcoming figures and more after the jump. Join us to find out what is in store!

Available Now

Castle Grayskull – $300
Stackable Stands – 2015 Club Eternia Subscribers will get one free!


Very popular right now
DC sees it as a key property.
Despara figure may make its way into the toy line.
Art book coming. Covers original concept sketches through things currently being worked on. Will cover entire history of franchise.
Pre-order is live on


MOTU Minis 2014

August – Faker vs Man At Arms
October – Zodac vs Beast Man
December – King He-Man vs Clawful

SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide33_MOTU_Minis_2014 SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide34_MOTU_Minis_Faker_MAA SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide35_MOTU_Minis_Zodac_Beastman SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide36_MOTU_Minis_King_Heman_Clawful SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide37_MOTU_Minis_Castle_Grayskull

Apparently demand has been pretty high for these little figures. As a result, Mattel will be offering three different ways to buy them aside from the ‘day-of’ sale on

Sets 1-3 (Catch Up with a bundle from the customer service stock in August)
Sets 4-6 (Preorder the next 3 sets in August. All 3 will be shipped in December)
Sets 1-6 (While supplies last combine both sets of 3 packs)


MOTU Minis 2015

MOTU Minis will be offered as a sub in 2015. The Connect n Collect playset will be exclusive to the subcription this time around, though.
That playset will be Snake Mountain!

Jan/Feb – She-Ra vs Horde Trooper
Mar/Apr – Jistu vs. Mekanek

SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide38_MOTU_Minis SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide39_MOTU_Minis_SheRa_Horde_Trooper SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide40_MOTU_Minis_Jistu_Mekanek SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide41_MOTU_Minis_Snake_Mountain


MOTU Giants

New Line!
12 inch versions of the vintage figures
Vintage weapons and armor
Twist Waist
“Rubber Band” Legs
Packaged on oversized vintage blister card

September 2014 – He-Man
October 2014 – Skeletor
November 2014 – Stratos
December 2014 – Beast Man

Figures will retail for $75

SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide42_MOTU_Giants SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide43_MOTU_Giants_He-Man SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide44_MOTU_Giants_Skeletor SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide45_MOTU_Giants_Stratos SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide46_MOTU_Giants_BeastMan


Club Eternia 2014

July – Flogg
August – Flutterina
September – Rio Blast
October – Eldor w/ Heroic Warriors/Evil Warrios Sticker Sheet
October – Battle Ram w/ Man at Arms (Not technically part of Club Eternia. Must purchase during ‘day of’ sale)
November – Tung Lashor w/ second head with tongue sticking out
November – Arrow (Q4 Item – Beast) – $35 w/ sub; $39 w/o sub
November – Gwildor w/ Cosmic Key prototype (Holiday item)
December – Mermista w/ both legs and fish tail lower bodies

SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide50_Flogg SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide50_Flutterina SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide50_Rio_Blast SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide59_Eldor SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide64_Tung_Lashor SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide65_Arrow SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide68_Gwildor SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide69_Mermista


Club Etheria 2014

(Full line up)
July – Double Mischief
August – Madame Razz w/ Broom
September – Entrapta w/ The Great Rebellion Sticker Sheet
October – Sweet Bee (Sub only, Not available for ‘day of’ sale)
October – Light Hope (Sub bonus figure)
November – Galactic Protector She-Ra (New Adventures She-Ra – New design from the 4 Horsemen)
December – Spinnerella ($30 enhanced figure)

SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide51_Double_Mischief SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide55_Madam_Razz SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide57_Entrapta SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide61_Sweet_Bee SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide62_Light_Hope SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide66_Galactic_Protector_She_Ra SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide67_Galactic_Protector_She_Ra_Sketch SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide70_Spinnerella


Club Eternia 2015

January – Lizard Man
February – Ninjor (Ninja Warrior)
February – 200x Snake Hunter He-Man vs Battle Armor King Hssss (Q1 Item – Multipack)
March – Huntara (Fan Choice)
March – Oo-lar (Club/Sub Exclusive Figure, Vintage He-Man head)
March – Castle Grayskull Blueprint (Club/Sub Exclusive Map)

SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide75_LizardMan SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide76_Ninjor SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide77_200x_Snake_Hunter_HeMan_King_Hsss SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide78_Huntara SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide79_Oo-Lar MOTU_Classis_CastleGrayskull_Blueprint

Miscellaneous 2014

SDCC – Etheria Invasion Hordak
Traveling Convention Figure – Goat Man
October – Battle Ram w/ Man at Arms (Not technically part of Club Eternia. Must purchase during ‘day of’ sale, already mentioned above)

SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide52_Etheria_Invasion_Hordak SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide48_Goat_Man SDCC2014_MOTU_Slide63_Battle_Ram_MAA

Miscellaneous 2015

Traveling Convention Figure – 3 pack of Skeletor’s Hover Robots