Mattel hosted it’s Mattypalooza panel at SDCC 2013. There were some pretty big announcements for the three main brands they are showcasing on these days. Please join us after the jump for all the news and some relevant photos to go along.

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Ecto Goggles – $110
– interacts with PKE meter
– includes stickers


Neutrino Wand – $130

SDCC-2013-Mattel-Ghostbusters-Neutrino-Wand-1 SDCC-2013-Mattel-Ghostbusters-Neutrino-Wand-2

Ecto-1 – $215
– 6 inch scale
– opening trunk
– rolling wheels
– lights and sounds

6 inch figures
Peter and Ray
– removable proton packs
– includes stand and proton stream accessory
– will fit inside Ecto-1
– On sale when Ecto-1 ships or bundle with your pre-order

Kind of too bad they didn’t just make an Ecto-1 for the line of figures they already sold instead of making you buy more figures at a different scale.

DC Universe (Infinite Earths)

September – Huntress
October – Ocean Master
November – Ra’s Al Ghul
December – Batzarro

SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Huntress SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Huntress-back SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Ocean-Master SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Ocean-Master-back SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Ras-Al-Ghul-back SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Ras-Al-Goul SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Batzarro SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Batzarro-back

12 monthly figures $20 each ($23 day of sale)
1 sub only figure $35 value (2 versions. End result depends on tier of subscriber base hit)

January – Aquaman
February – Ice
March – Connor Kent Superboy

SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Aquaman SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Aquaman-back SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Ice SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Ice-back SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Connor-Kent SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Connor-Kent-back

Subscriber only figure – Doomsday
Tier 1 – Containment Suit Doomsday
Tier 2 – Unleashed Doomsday (more subscribers, more detail)
The tier is determined by the overall number of subscribers. You will only get one or other here. Not both.

I’ll say it. I like the tier 1 figure better than tier 2.

SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Doomsday-Tier-1 SDCC-2013-Mattel-DCIE-Doomsday-Tier-2

Classic Batman
Utility Belt
4 working pouches
4 working tubes
Batarang included
Available Q4 2013


Masters of the Universe
Release schedule with newly announced items (image from TheFwoosh)


Spirit of Hordak Chase figure

Club Filmation Subscription 2013
July – Icer (not pictured below)
August – Shokoti (not pictured below)
September – Batros
October – Nepthu
November – Sea Hawk
December – Plundor

SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Batros SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Nepthu SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-seahawk SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Seahawk-back SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Plundor-ToyArk

Club Eternia Subscription 2013
July – Clamp Champ (Monthly Club Eternia figure)
July – New Adventures He-Man (Quarterly variant)
August – Castaspella (Monthly Club Eternia figure)
September – Sky High w/ Jet Sled (non sub item, available for early access, $TBD)
October – Mantenna (Monthly Club Eternia figure – delayed from September)
October – Lord Dactus (Monthly Club Eternia figure)
October – Horde Trooper 2-pack (Troop builder)
October – End of Wars Weapons Pak ($20; includes Rattlor’s armor, trap jaw weapons in roboto colors, hurrican hordak weapons in trap jaw colors, Silver/Grey weapons for Sir Laser Lot, blue sword for Netossa, Green He-Man weapons and shield, array of gold weapons for Granamyr, Strobo’s rifle and a small Kowl figure in original toy colors (not cartoon colors)
November – Geldor (Monthly Club Eternia figure – Fan’s choice figure)
November – Castle Grayskull (non sub item, available for $300 w/o preorder day of, limited qty)
November – Stackable Stands ($15, non sub item)
December – Strong-Or (Strong-Arm; Monthly Club Eternia figure)
December – Stan-dar (Comicazi item)

Note: There is some conflicting information about Strong-Or and Plundor. The list posted in the booth has them listed as I have them above. The slides from presentation indicated that Plundor was the Club Eternia figure, while Strong-Or was in the Club Filmation sub. I’m inclined to believe the later, though, in reality they really should have both been in the filmation sub.

SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Lord-Dactus SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Lord-Dactus-head SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Horde-Troopers SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-endofwars_weapons_pak_1 SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-endofwars_weapons_pak_2 SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Geldor-1 SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Geldor-2 SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Strongor-back SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Strongor SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Standor

Club Eternia Subscription 2014
January – Two-Bad (Monthly Club Eternia figure)
February – Glimmer (Monthly Club Eternia figure)
February – Modulok ($40 Quarterly item)
March – Hydron (Monthly Club Eternia figure)
March – The Unnamed One (Club Eternia Exclusive Bonus figure)
March – Map of the Horde Empire (Club Eternia Map)

SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Two-Bad SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Two-Bad-back SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Two-Bad-heads SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Glimmer SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Glimmer-back SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Hydron SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Hydron-back SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Modulok SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Modulok-2

Goatman will be the 2014 Traveling Convetion Exclusive. Initially, I thought Goatman was the one-shot henchman of Skeletor from the first episode of The New Adventures of He-Man, but as it turned out, his name was Andros. Goatman was a one-shot henchman from a Golden book called The Secret of the Dragon’s Egg.

SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Goatman SDCC-2013-Mattel-MOTUC-Goatman-back