Playmates has put together a surprisingly nice showing for their long time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license. They had a basic line of figures that matches up to the new forthcoming animated series from Nickelodeon, the new owners of the franchise. They also had a collector’s line that seemed very well received. To top it all off, Playmates had a massive new sewer playset that will be a sure hit for any kids whose parents can afford it.

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Classics (See banner image)
6 inch scale line of figures w/ over 30 points of articulation
Comes with personalized sewer cover stand for figure
Will start with the 4 turtles based on the original 80’s cartoon
Available at Toys R Us and online retailers (still working on more retailers)
Coming in August 2012 with a Suggested Retail Price of US$14.99
Line will expand in various directions based on demand

TMNT (based on new animated series)
4-5 inch scale line of figures
Figures to retail for US$7.99 – US$8.99

9 figures to start in August 2012:
April O’Neil
Foot Soldier
The Kraang

Figures in development include Metalhead, Leatherhead, Baxter Stockman, Fishface, Dogpound, and Snakeweed.


Shellraiser – This is basically the modern version of the TMNT Party Van. Looks more like a customized subway car. This will retail for about US$29.99.


Sewer Playset will be available at Toys R Us and select Wal-Marts. It is expected to retail for somewhere between US$100 and US$120.

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