Mattel actually posted most of their Toy Fair 2012 news right on This made things a little easier to transcribe for those of us giving you the armchair coverage treatment.

The big announcements were essentially the additions of Spikor and Frosta to the Club Eternia Subscription, a Snake-man troop builder 2-pack and Geoff Johns’ 30th Anniversary character, Sir Laser Lot.
Read on after the jump for more info, pictures and the ‘updated’ schedule.



Sir Laser Lot


Lets get to the nitty gritty. The ever changing amorphous blog we call the release schedule:

Convention Figure:
Temple of Darkness Sorceress (Available at NYCC, PowerCon, and MattyCollector in late 2012)

Shadow Weaver
Sorceress (missing on their updated schedule. clearly an error.)

Kobra Kahn

Thunder Punch He-Man (includes issue 1 of mini-comic)


Snake Mountain Stands
Slush Head

Horde Prime
Snake Man-At-Arms (includes issue 2 of mini-comic)


Spikor (see above)
Snake-Men 2-pack (see header image of post)


Frosta (running late, got bumped to september)

MOTUC 30th Anniversary Series
Draego-Man – April 2012
The Mighty Spector – May 2012
Sir Laser Lot – August 2012

Lets note that they are doubling up on Club Eternia figures in February, May and September. The second September figure has not been announced yet, but Frosta was going to be the August figure. Due to delays she will be pushed to September alongside the unannounced figure.

So what was the most surprising thing on display, you ask? Keldor’s long awaited swords. Note the shape of the individual sword hilts. One looks like an eagle, while the other looks like Skeletor’s havok staff.


Credit where its due. The last image (and clearest) above is from Nate Rider aka JediCreeper, who was tweeting news on behalf of Poe Ghostal’s site.

More images can be seen here on