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The Voltron display was about as disappointing as the Thundercats display from Bandai. Mattel had the 5 lions from the Voltron Force subscription on display. Nothing from the new Voltron Force series was displayed aside from placards promoting the show.

Continue after the jump for a few shots of the subscription lions and pilots.

The centerpiece for the Voltron Force subscription service are the lions. They can combine to form a very tall version of Voltron that is roughly 2 feet tall.


The pilots are packaged separately from the lions. Each comes with the key they used to activate the lions in the original 80’s show. They also come with a piece of the Blazing Sword.


The combined form of Voltron was on display. Naturally it was posed in a very awkward fashion that really gave no good hint at what sort of articulation it is capable of in the legs. Each of the pilots also come with a piece of the Blazing Sword, which, once you’ve collected all the figures, you can assemble for the combined form of Voltron to hold.


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