Wait! Before you bed one of the new hotties in the Normandy SR-2 crew, keep this in mind: your Mass Effect 1 romances are still active!

Find out about how (and why) Liara T’Soni is the only ME1 character you can pursue in Mass Effect 2 after the jump

Okay, so it’s not a big mystery, but it is a big letdown if you wanted to see more of Kaidan or Ashley in a way that they’re not screeching at you.

Liara is really cool and distant in Mass Effect 2 proper, but Lair of the Shadow Broker lets her deal with HER personal demons, and puts her in an interesting (but not totally unexpected) position for Mass Effect 3.

In so doing, the formula very much follows that of the other regular ME2 love interests: Liara has personal baggage you have to deal with before you’ll even have a crack at… whatever it is Asari have for sex organs. Even then, you might have your work cut out for you.

Liara is also the only character that both players can romance (mostly… we’ll get to the others in the last two parts), so it’s a bit unfortunate you have to pay extra for the privilege.

As for your human romances? Well, it’s not clear what effect your choice to remain faithful or get jiggy with your new crew will have, but your surviving human crew member will play a part in ME3 for sure.

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