Mass Effect 2 has three times the romance options of its predecessor, and some are very strange indeed. Powet.TV is here to take a look at each one.

We’re also trying something a little different this episode. Read on to find out more!

There are three options for male Shepard and three for female that count towards your paramour achievement — and presumably can be carried over into Mass Effect 3. But there are also three more choices: your Mass Effect 1 love interest, and a couple of more… unorthodox choices that can be pursued by either male or female Shepard.

Since that’s a lot of ground to cover, and not everyone may be interested in every single one, we’re breaking up this episode of KEEP PLAYING into those nine discrete parts. We’ll be releasing these once every few weeks (or so) until they’re all out. At the end of each clip, thanks to YouTube annotations, you can choose which romance option you want to view next.

Or, you can just watch this playlist from start to finish, which will get updated with the new parts as they become available. AND, if you’re super-annoyed with the format, we’ll be releasing the full version (minus all the little breaks) on our POWETdotTV YouTube channel once it’s all done.

Do you like this format? Hell, forget that, what about the game itself? Leave a sweet comment below!