Another part in our KEEP PLAYING: Mass Effect 2 – Romance series!

Tali isn’t just the first non-romance character from ME1 to get the romance treatment in ME2, but her story takes us further into the lives of Quarians, and teases about what’s behind those masks. Do we ever find out? Read on!

No, we don’t, but we get really close.

Having already covered the first two romance options for Male Shepard (Miranda and Jack, Tali is the last option available for the Paramour Achievement. But is she your first choice?

Tali was apparently a fan request, and BioWare delivered. What this may mean for Mass Effect 3 we can (currently) only guess, but I certainly expect to see her again.

Assuming she survives the events of the end of Mass Effect 2, of course.

Was Tali an option you considered? If not, did this video change your mind? Leave your comments below!