IDW’s first crossover event, Infestation, was massively popular. By which I mean it sold a lot of books for the company. I’ve heard mixed reviews from fans of those other books, but I liked the Star Trek and Transformers tales enough anyway. I fully intend on buying the hardcover collection when it comes out soon.
IDW is never one to let a license opportunity go to waste, so they’re going to start Infestation 2 in January. The original book features dimension traveling zombies as the story thread holding the diverse worlds’ stories together. This volume with feature HP Lovecraft’s Old Ones. So get ready for Leonardo to cut some tentacles.
Actual story details are very slim right now, we just have the announcement from IDW. However, the creative team of Chuck Dixon and Guido Guidi have been announced for Transformers, and that book will be set in the duo’s famous “Hearts of Steel” universe. This alternate story line puts the Transformers at the dawn of the Industrial revolution and featured many popular characters a steam powered rail cars and battle ships.

Infestation 2 begins on January 25 2012 and will run weekly through April 11 2012.