Sailor Moon game for the Wii

Update 2011-01-09: This game never happened but a new Sailor Moon game will be released on the Nintendo DS this spring.

Not letting the fact that the show’s been off the air for over 10 years stop it Sailor Moon seems to have a game planned for release on the Wii. Asian import store YesAsia has this product description up for a Sailor Moon game published by Namco set to be released in December 2007. While this isn’t a certain confirmation that a game will be released YesAsia is a reputable online store I’ve dealt with a number of times so this should be taken more seriously than your run of the mill bogus Totaka rumour.

Who knows what kind of game play such a title could have in store or how it will use the Wii’s functionality but rest assured will be the place to get news on this title as it becomes available.

And no the game shown on my screen is not the Sailor Moon Wii game but the Sailor Moon S fighting game for the Super Famicom.

Thanks to sailormoon555 from Genvid for the heads up.