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Archive for February 17th, 2011

New Thor Trailer

A new theatrical trailer for Thor has been released, which includes everything you wish they put in the trailer that was shown during the Super Bowl.

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Humans Officially Declared Obsolete on Jeopardy!

Watson the IBM Computer Beats Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter at Jeopardy
It’s only a matter of time now. This week on Jeopardy! a special event took place as Watson, a sophisticated computer system from IBM, faced off against Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter who are generally regarded as the greatest human Jeopardy! players. This is a distinction we need to make now as Watson pretty much completely trounced them.

Watson the Jeopardy! playing computer's hardware setup

Despite his monolithic appearance when seen from the front Watson is actually conveniently placed monitor. He’s actually a huge computer system on state of the art IBM hardware. We know this of course because this event was basically a huge advertisement for IBM. They clearly put a good deal of work to program this guy so I guess that was the trade off for all the viewers this event pulled in.

Watson rates his Jeopardy! answers and buzzes in if it passes a threshold

Watson does some crazy algorithms to determine the most likely answer and the probabilities are then shown on screen. If the chance of the answer being right is above his threshold, he buzzes in, with great speed, and shoots and answer. But he’s not always right!

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The Dead Island Trailer Will Almost Make You Cry

Or maybe it will go all the way. Depending on if you’re a parent, the sheer horror of the scenario might be over the top, and the soft music with the dramatic events really pack a punch. I can’t say a game trailer has ever taken me by surprise like this.

Dead Island has been in production for several years and promises an open world Zombie infection game with strong action and role playing elements. The game has a glorious trailer and if the writing and visual can match the 3 minutes above, we’ll have a game worth celebrating. That is, if you can actually play it.

Geoff from Achievement Hunter and Red Vs Blue has a similar reaction to mine, watch after the break.
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Toy Fair 2011: Barbie and Ken back together again

Mattel’s big news this year was that Barbie has finally taken Ken back after dumping him seven years ago for an Australian surfer named Blaine. Mattel…er, Ken went so far as to rent out gigantic billboards to get Barbie’s attention and win her back. Full press release (yes, there was a press release) after the jump.

Read Barbie’s blog entry on the matter and tell us all about it in the comments.

Source: TNI and BarbieCollector


I have to admit I’m a little surprised Mattel didn’t take this opportunity to make Lawyer Barbie to serve Ken a restraining order.

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Botcon 2011 Exclusive Stunticon Wildrider revealed has revealed the fourth figure in this year’s convention exclusive box set of Animated Stunticons. As expected, it is Wildrider. He uses the Blazing Lockdown mold with a retooled head. Unfortunately the hands aren’t fixed, but the head is pretty interesting. We also got a new view of the head thanks to the Collector Club’s facebook page. Next week, we finally get to see Motormaster!


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