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The Dead Island Trailer Will Almost Make You Cry

Or maybe it will go all the way. Depending on if you’re a parent, the sheer horror of the scenario might be over the top, and the soft music with the dramatic events really pack a punch. I can’t say a game trailer has ever taken me by surprise like this.

Dead Island has been in production for several years and promises an open world Zombie infection game with strong action and role playing elements. The game has a glorious trailer and if the writing and visual can match the 3 minutes above, we’ll have a game worth celebrating. That is, if you can actually play it.

Geoff from Achievement Hunter and Red Vs Blue has a similar reaction to mine, watch after the break.
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Powetcast 47: Delayed Reaction

Originally Recorded January 9, 2011.

The Jerk Store Called and they said they’re tired of waiting for me to upload this podcast! Zac kicks off the new year of Powetcasts with aDam, Crazy, and Sindra. Terminator, Fringe, and Matty Collector are NOT topics this week. We do get into some Zombies, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon.

This week’s music is The Flaming Lips And Stardeath And White Dwarfs With Henry Rollins And Peaches Doing Dark Side Of The Moon

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The Walking Dead Premeire Trailer

AMC has released a new, action packed preview of The Walking Dead. The show will begin its Sunday night airings on October 31, 2010; this Halloween.

I’ve mentioned it before, but this is based on the excellent comic series by Robert Kirkman. If AMC adapts this well, they have years of shows ahead of them.

AMC has also released a pretty cool looking poster with protagonist Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) riding into Atlanta after the outbreak. Click the thumbnail to explode the image.

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