The weekend has kicked off in stupendous fashion with a news explosion from the Hasbro event held at New York Toy Fair 2011. If you were there, you knew you were in the right place because Optimus Prime was parked outside, trailer and all. (See above)

Image from Poe Ghostal’s Twitter feed.

I’ve been watching things from a far on my twitter feeds and blogs, so I’m going to do my best to recap all the relevant news and information coming out of the event. Read on after the jump to see all the details!

Star Wars
RebelScum had some great coverage of the Star Wars segment. Most the information here comes directly from their write-up. Check it out if you want more specifics!

The Clone Wars
A new wave of figures was shown including:
Anakin Skywalker
Commander Wolffe
Aqua Battle Droid
Eeth Kotj
Barriss Offee (Luminara’s padawan)

Deluxe Sets:
General Grievous
Wheel Bike
Boba Fett speeder
Cassus speeder
Clone Scout Speeder
Separatist Speeder

The really big vehicle (think AT-AT, Millenium Falcon) will be a Republic Attack Shuttle.
Here’s a a model kit of the same vehicle to give you an idea of what this will look like. THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL HASBRO PRODUCT, just a reference to the vehicle’s likeness.

The Vintage Collection
There will be 35 figures in 2011 including more than just the movies including deleted scene characters.

Wave 7 will include:
Bespin Han Solo
Barris s Offee (vinyl cloak)
Fleet Trooper
Bom Vimdin
Captain Fordo
501st Clone Trooper
Aayla Secura (Woo!)
Dr. Evazan
Nom Anor

There will be a special 12-figure set offered in a display that looks like the Death Star as the SDCC exclusive for 2011.

The mail-in figure will be an all white Boba Fett figure (again?) in prototype armor.

Sadly, Galactic Heroes is coming to an end like Robot Heroes. It will be replaced by something most likely less awesome.

Its Mahvel, baby!
Most of this news hails from Check them out for more details and specifics. This is just an overview.

The movie is coming on May 6th. Toy launch date will be March 1st.

Role Play Thor hammer loaded with gimmicks
Nerf Foam weapons – Sword, Shield, Hammer, Dagger, Helmet

20 3 3/4 inch figures for Thor this year including:
Loki with Helmet
Thunder Ax Thor
Asgard Attack Thor.

SuperHero Squad 3-packs coming for Thor

Captain America
The movie will premiere July 22nd and the toys will be coming May 11th.

3 3/4 inch figures will include (both movie and comic characters):
Movie Costume
Captain Britian with Excalibur Sword
Battle Field Cap
Winter Soldier
Heroic Age Cap
Cross Bones
Jungle Assault Cap
Arctic Assualt Cap
Night Landing Cap
and Ultimates

SuperHero Squad Hydra soldier packs coming.

Mission pack will be coming with a working parachute for a Cap figure.

Iron Man
6 inch figures coming of Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man, and War Machine (from the Initiative).

Avengers toys are forthcoming.

Marvel Universe
Team Packs:
Classic Avengers – Iron Man Mark 1, Thor, Classic Hulk, Wasp and Ant Man with winged Ant.
Fantastic 3 with HERBIE


Images from MarvelousNews. Check out their Gallery for more pictures.

Cable w/ Hope baby
This figure is getting a running change to remove Hope. Get the one with the baby while you still can!

2011 Wave 4:
Commander Rogers
Dr Strange (clear astral projection variant)
Updated Ultron

Series 3 (2012 Wave 1?)
Falcon w/ Red Wing
Dr. Doom with Modern Deco
Scarlet Spider

Comic 2 Packs
Spider-man & Original Captain Britain
Power-Man & Iron First (original costumes)
Warlock & Thanos
one more?

SDCC will be carded version Marvel Universe Sentinel (like Galactus). Retail version will include Wolverine.

Rocket Racoon w/ Groot is coming.

No X-Men First Class line! YESSS!!
Just more X-Men product in general.

Marvel Legends
The line will relaunch with Modern Thor.
Spring 2012:
Ultimate Hawkeye
Heroic Age Bucky Captain America
Build a figure will be Terrax!

Big push on Spider-man in 2012 because of the movie.

Super Hero Squad will not be cancelled. It will be the only surviving ‘Heroes’ line. (Robot Heroes, Galactic Heroes)

Indiana Jones
This line was cancelled a while ago, but there was one unreleased wave left.
This entire wave will be a SDCC 2011 exclusive.
Indiana Jones
Marion Ravenwood
German Mechanic
Indy in German disguise
Toht with melty face

Really cool of them to do that.

GI Joe
GI Joe news is mostly from the twitter feed of The Terror Drome. They had some amazing coverage that I am just highlighting. Check it out for more information! Also filling in gaps with coverage from TNI.

SDCC 2011 Exclusive – Newly tooled SkyStriker painted like Transformers Starscream. Piloted by Cobra Commander holding the Walther Megatron gun form. (mind blown)

30th Anniversary line will be starting Fall of 2011. Line will consist of 30 figures.
12 inch GI Joe figures will also be coming in Fall of 2011 and will aimed more at kids. More focused on military figures instead of Joe vs Cobra.

Pursuit of Cobra (Wave 5?) Coming in Spring 2011
Hawk, Cobra Trooper, Steel Brigade, Jungle BAT, Cobra Commander, Blowtorch

Wave 1 (Fall 2011) Debut of Renegades figures.
Firefly, Techno Viper, Hazard Viper, Cobra Commander, Snake-Eyes and Duke.

Renegades figures will be using existing tooling. Figures will have the uniforms and colors from the show, but the tooling will be from 25th/POC lines.

Black Dragon (VTOL aircraft)
Skystriker (all new tooling, seats 2 in cockpit)

Short tribute given to Gianni Leporgolo, a former packaging designer that recently passed. (Clement Sauve? News sources are conflicting. That makes me sad.)

We will see more of the 30th and Renegades figures at JoeCon. I’m sure we’ll see similar with Transformers Generations. More on that later.


Some minor TF3 and TF3 game footage was shown.
Michael Bay apparently took to heart a lot of the criticism of the second movie and rewatched it to determine what was good and what was bad. New movie will focus more on the robots’ story and there will be far less slapstick humor.

This is a little confusing from just text updates. It sounds to be shaping up to be a Lego-like and compatible building block line. Mini figures are called Creons. There will be Bumblebee, Starscream and Prime sets. Prime covers with over 500 pieces and 5 Creons. I guess the pictures will make more sense of this.

High Moon Studios (War for Cybertron) will be handling the Dark of the Moon video game. It will be a immediate prequel for the movie explaining the events leading up to the events in the movie.

Not going to lie, the new Transformers line segmentation is really confusing.

Transformers Rescue Bots – they have their own logo. No decepticons. They are just Autobots helping humans.

Movie toys will be coming May 16th with the movie coming July 1st.
Movie Toys – 3 different lines (really?)
MechTech, Human Alliance and Cyberverse.

MechTech will be for the larger figures. Mostly Voyagers. MechTech weaponry will transform and interlock. It can be used in both Robot and Alt modes.

Human Alliance figures continue from the RoTF’s HA play pattern. Bumblebee will be repainted but there will also be new smaller figures that interact with the humans. Basically scout sized triple changers.
Backfire with Spike Witwicky
Ice Pick with Sgt Chaos

Cyberverse will be small playsets that interact with Legends scale figures.
Autobot Ark comes with Autobot Roller

Generations will be continuing but nothing new to reveal today. You can bet we’ll see plenty at Botcon!

I’ll be adding news and pictures later as I find them! Thanks for reading!