Mattel has released some images on their MattyCollector website showing off the packaging for the new MOTU Classics line. The packaging will be classic styled blister cards.


This news is about a week old, but I held off because I wanted to see the fan reaction. Read on for more including a side-by-side comparison.

From the site:

MOTU Classics fans,

Well, we are getting that much closer to the on sale date for the first two MOTU Classics Figures He-Man® and Beast Man®! Both will be on sale Dec. 1, 2008 with new figures following after that once per month. Everyone at MattyCollector.comSM is so excited to get these figures into fan’s hands. We know you have been waiting a long time for this!

To help with the countdown, we are proud to reveal the brand new packaging for this line! The new packaging features a brand new blister and card back paying homage to the original toy line, including cross sells, vintage art and a brand new character bio for each figure. A lot of love went into this package design and we hope collectors will enjoy the package as much as we did designing it.

Keep those posts coming on all the fan sites. We love your input and want to continue to make MOTU Classics and all the toys available on MattyCollector.comSM as fan-friendly as possible!



While most of the fan reaction on seems to be about the colors on the front of the packaging, I was far more disturbed that blister cards, in general, were the chosen form of packaging. As a collector, I want to open the figure, but still be able to put it on display with the packaging if I choose. A window box would have served this purpose well. In a way this works to their advantage because there are a lot of MOC collectors in the He-Man fan community and many have already said that they will need to buy two; one to open and one to display. I did not see any complaints about the choice of a blister card.

It also seems bizarre that we were told that part of the premum price of the figures was for special classic styled packaging. Aside from the cheaper blister cards, the classic packaging had significant amounts of red with blue highlights, far more similar to the 200x style of packaging on the front as you can see below.

Click to enlarge!

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