There seemed to be a lot of hype around SDCC about Mattel’s new online-only exclusive Masters of the Universe Classics line. The first figure, King Grayskull, sold out in a relatively short span of time. We saw our first glimpse of He-Man and Beast Man. We were also told Merman, Skeletor and Zodac were on the way. The forums were abuzz with delight at the relaunch of their long desired property.

Many of the other online toy forums, not so dedicated to a single property, were not so keen on what was seen. While it was said that the character choices could come from any line of the He-Man property, we wouldn’t be seeing any of those other lines for at least a year. It was also stated that all figures would match the chunky retro style of the original 80’s toys. Even if a character was chosen from a different line with obvious style disparities from the original show such as New Adventures of He-Man or the 2002 version of Masters of the Universe, the sculpting style would remain in the classic chunky look of the 80’s figures.

This disparity among collectors has a lot of people wondering what will happen to the line now that these details have come to light and those not a part of the ‘hardcore 80’s audience’ is turned off by what they’ve seen thus far. Will the sculpting style change to match the style the character is originally from? Its certainly with in the sculptors’ capability since its none other than the Four Horsemen at the helm on that end. Ultimately though, its Mattel’s decision. is running a poll to try and determine what fans think of the new line and I think its highly important for all fans to respond. The choices basically ask if you would collect the line, if you would collect the line if certain figures showed up from different series, or if you would not collect the line because of the classic sculpting being used for every figure. Go here to vote and be heard.