Masters Of The UniverseActionFigureeXpress comes through with yet another hot exclusive. This time in the form of a King Randor staction. Masters of the Universe officianados may remember that King Randor was an SDCC exclusive for 2005 from the Four Horsemen. You can see a review of this convention exclusive Randor here. This time around Randor is sporting a new head sculpt, cape and shield. The shield replaces the staff accessory that came with the convention exclusive and if you look closely sports some memorable acid burns. His color scheme also matches that of the original Randor figure from the 80’s line.

(Classic Randor picture from

AFX Exclusive MOTU Staction King Randor 1 AFX Exclusive MOTU Staction King Randor 2 AFX Exclusive MOTU Staction King Randor 3 MOTU Classic King Randor