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Mike Young Productions’ relaunched He-Man and the Masters of the Universe property is coming to DVD. As previously reported, BCI Eclipse will be handling it. Mattel has loads of material to contribute for special features. reports: reports that the first DVD set of the 2002 Mike Young Productions’ “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” could see a February 2008 release. The series would be split over 3 sets, each containing 13 episodes in anamorphic widescreen presentation.

Early advertisements for the set have already made their way to the public. You can see one on the inside cover of Agent DVD Magazine, which I have conveniently take a screen capture of seen below. also mentions that there is more than likely going to be a Blu-Ray release of the set because there was a marked improvement in quality. A HD-DVD release is also in discussion at the moment.

MOTU MYP 200x Series DVD release ad