MOTU Staction Battle Armor He-man Post Banner

While we’ve known about the SDCC exclusive for about a month now and we had a teaser of Jitsu, we finally get our first peek at the next wave of mini-statues for the Masters of the Universe line. Sculpted by the Four Horsemen and produced by NECA, this wave features Battle-Armor He-man, Mosquitor, and Jitsu. This keeps with the theme of doing one character from 3 of the 4 factions in each wave. (The Masters, Skeletor’s Council of Evil, Hordak’s Horde, and the Snakemen)

The representative from the Maters is a surprisingly good looking He-man mini-statue featuring the battle-armor based on one of the more popular gimmicked he-man figures.

MOTU Staction Wave 6 Battle Armor He-man 1 MOTU Staction Wave 6 Battle Armor He-man 2

Representing Skeletor’s Council of Evil is Jitsu. This master of the martial arts features an over-sized mechanical hand making him the perfect foil to Fisto.

MOTU Staction Wave 6 Jitsu 1 MOTU Staction Wave 6 Jitsu 2

Mosquitor represents the Horde. The original figure was a lot of fun and this really captures that.

MOTU Staction Wave 6 Mosquitor 1 MOTU Staction Wave 6 Mosquitor 2

As for the SDCC exclusive from the Four Horsemen and NECA this year for the MOTU property, we will be seeing a classics colors He-man, apparently using the same base mold that the Battle Armor He-man staction is made from. I’m actually far more interested in the Battle Armor He-man, but this makes a nice addition to the line considering there wasn’t a He-man figure until this wave (which is a good thing!). You’ll also note that he is holding the classic version of the power sword.

MOTU Staction SDCC 2007 Exclusive Classic Colors He-Man 1 MOTU Staction SDCC 2007 Exclusive Classic Colors He-Man 2 MOTU Staction SDCC 2007 Exclusive Classic Colors He-Man 3