Show Notes:

This video is definitely on the longer side of what I’d prefer, but it does cover 9 different figures so its packed with toy video goodness.

I referred to several figures in the video:

Spiralrumored to be in wave 5 of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends. Seen here.
Mystique – Toy Biz’s Sentinel wave
Pyro – Toy Biz’s Onslaught wave
Scarlet Witch – Toy Biz’s Legendary Rider wave
Magneto – X-Men boxset and also Toy Biz’s Wave 3

Variants for this wave are X3 Jean Grey (Dark Phoenix), Green Quicksilver, and a gold accented Yellowjacket. The Ultimate Wolverine figure will also have a blue costumed variant, but not as a part of this wave. He will be a store exclusive to Previews. I made some compairson photos of the variants below and also included a photo of the Ultimate Wolverine variant. The standard pictures come from Fwooshnet’s gallery. Variant Photos come from wizarduniverse here.

HML2 Yellowjacket variant comparison HML2 Quicksilver Comparison HML2 X3 Jean Grey Comparison

Hasbro Marvel Legends Previews Exclusive Blue Ultimate Wolverine

Ultimate Wolverine photo from here. This figure is ‘limited’ to 10,000 and still ugly.

If you are looking to purchase any of the figures, you can find them here:
Marvel Legends X3 Jean Grey
Marvel Legends X3 Juggernaut
Marvel Legends Ultimate Wolverine
Marvel Legends Yellowjacket
Marvel Legends Quicksilver
Marvel Legends Xorn
Marvel Legends She-Hulk
Marvel Legends Thor