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Today brings us more news from the San Diego Comic Con concerning upcoming toy lines and exclusive figures. We’ll start pretty much where we left off yesterday. We’ll try to cover the following topics:

  • Marvel Legends Icons and 2-Packs
  • DC Universe/DC Superheroes
  • Castlevania

So read on for more details…

Marvel Legends

First up, the variants for Waves 3 and 4 (announced yesterday) were announced.

Wave 3:

Wave 4:

  • Red-costumed Daredevil (according to wizarduniverse.com)
  • Camo-Punisher
  • Blue Blackbolt (according to figures.com)

Hasbro Marvel Legends Wave 4 Camo Punisher Variant

Camo Punisher looks absolutely freaky. I love it. I might have to hunt him down.
There has been no word on when the Diamond Exclusive Blue Ultimate Wolverine variant will be available (Blob wave).


Icons seems to have a strong showing this year with the following figures on their way:

  • Nightcrawler (September)
  • Daredevil (September)
  • Daredevil Yellow Costume Limited Variant (September)
  • Colossus (October)
  • Phoenix (October)
  • Dark Phoenix Limited Variant (October)
  • TRU Exclusive Black Queen Jean Grey (November)

Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons Colossus and Dark Phoenix Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons Daredevil Nightcrawler and Cyclops Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons Black Queen Jean Grey

I believe the Cyclops and Magneto are what should be hitting retail now or the very near future. I really dig all the love for Phoenix. I’m not overly impressed with the Colossus sculpt, but he’s probably my favorite character so he’ll still make the buy list. I could take or leave Daredevil, but the Nightcrawler was a pleasant surprise.

2 – Packs:
Returning to the Marvel Legends fold are the 2-Packs sans the Face-Off name and theme.

  • Cannonball and Domino
  • Cable and Marvel Girl

Hasbro Marvel Legends 2Pack Cable and Marvel Girl Hasbro Marvel Legends 2Pack Cannonball and Domino

News and Pictures: Toyfare

Castlevania Series 1

  • Simon Belmont
  • Succubus
  • Dracula
  • Alucard

Castlevania Series 1 Simon Belmont Castlevania Series 1 Alucard Castlevania Series 1 Dracula Castlevania Series 1 Succubus

Things to note for this series include Dracula and Alucard were sculpted by the Four Horsemen along with a number of the accessories in the line, the Succubus will come with a bra that will have to removed for the fully painted frontal nudity shot, and rumor has it that the whole line wasn’t done by a single sculptor (or group) because they wanted to keep the style of the figures from the different games close to their original games. Different sculptors = Different styles. That last one is strictly heresay though.

Castlevania 8-bit Simon Belmont SDCC Exclusive

Also to note, there was an 8-bit pixel Simon Belmont SDCC exclusive. A line will be created continuing these classic gaming styled Castlevania figures. From figures.com:

In other NECA video game figure news, the super-popular “pixel” figure of Simon Belmont inspired by the classic Castlevania game on Nintendo will see a full line soon. Each “pixel” figure will include various accessories (like a turkey leg on a plate, holy water and more) as well as various poses from the game. The first in the series – released as a SDCC exclusive – sold out and shows the fan desire for nostalgic figures with a unique “old school” look.

Images: Toyfare.com

DC Universe/DC Superheroes

One last wave of DC Superheroes before DC Universe starts up.

  • Nightwing
  • Gas-Mask Joker
  • Bruce Wayne w/ Batman armor
  • Clayface
  • Catwoman

Here’s the rundown. Recently DC awarded Mattel the grand poobah of licenses for action figures of its comic characters and properties. Now they are no longer restricted to Batman and Superman related characters only for the DC Superheroes line. The result: DC Universe. The Four Horsemen will sculpt this 6 inch line, just as they did DC Superheroes, but with a much wider range of characters. Each wave will include variants and chases and will have a Build-a-figure, about 2 inches taller than the rest of the figures.

Wave 1 (January 2008)

  • Orion
  • Etrigan, the Demon
  • Batman
  • “First Appearance” Red Tornado
  • Penguin w/ sidekick penguin
  • BAF: Metamorpho

DC Universe Wave 1 Batman Classic DC Universe Wave 1 Etrigran The Demon DC Universe Wave 1 Orion DC Universe Wave 1 Penguin DC Universe Wave 1 Red Tornado DC Universe Wave 1 Metaphormo

Images: Toyfare.com

Wave 2 (Spring 2008)

  • Aquaman
  • Black Manta
  • Superman Blue
  • Firestorm
  • Harley Quinn
  • BAF: Unconfirmed

While it is not clear the fate of a Superman Red, it is on its way in some form. The Four Horsemen have confirmed so on the FANtastic Forums.

News: Figures.com