Good News: Superman looks like he did in JLU!
Bad News: Superman looks like he did in JLU!

I thought we were getting treated to some switch-up in the art style to go with these direct-to-DVD DC Universe movies. Since these DVDs aren’t part of the old DC animated universe, I woudl’ve liked to see that reflected. Some more comic-like designs would’ve been nice, if it ain’t broke I can’t reasonably expect them to change anything. The one major shocker in this whole thing is a bit of blood on Superman. This was one of those things they NEVER did in the show. Take a look.

Hopefully this will be better than the last few efforts from WB at the DVD market. Brainiac Attacks, The Batman vs The Dracula, and Mystery Of The Batwoman weren’t exactly anything worth writing a blog post to praise.

Whats your favorite home video superhero movie? I felt Batman: Subzero was underrated.