ironman.jpgThere’s a new trailer available at the Invincible Iron Man official site, and it gives a decent glimpse of what the story will be like in the movie. It’s an interesting choice of enemies for Iron Man – ancient Chinese elemental creatures? It hardly feels like any sort of a definitive Iron Man story, let alone one worth using in his premiere solo adventure … until you check some of the desktop images at the site, clearly showing classic Iron Man villain Mandarin playing a large role in matters. Not that Mandarin’s role has been a secret mind you – It was in the advertised synopsis since day one. Just makes it all the more odd that he’s being hidden in the trailer.

As for the movie, I’m wondering how we’re going to go through three different armors (initial grey, underwater yellow, and good classic old ketchup-and-mustard, er, red-and-gold) over the course of a single story. I guess only time – 19 days to be exact – will tell.

Hellboy: Blood & IronAlso, the Hellboy Animated movie (Sword of Storms) has a sequel due to hit in February, called Blood and Iron. The trailer can be found HERE. According to the Animated Hellboy blog, one of the scenes from the trailer isn’t from the movie; it’s from an “extra special DVD extra”, whatever that might mean. The blog also talks about plans for a third movie to follow this one, but will only be greenlit if DVD sales warrant it.