Bruce Timm is responsible directly for some of the best animated series I’ve ever seen. Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League are constantly called by any fan of comics the most faithful and respectful translations of the characters from the page to the screen.

Bruce is still animating DC Comics characters, but this time for direct-to-DVD movies. Newsarama has a 2 part interview up, the first goes over his history, but the second gets to the new stuff, specifically some lingering questions about the animated adaptation of the Death and Return of Superman comic. The film will only run 75 minutes, cutting out all the fat of the 30+ issues of the original story and just sticking to the basics.

No League. No Supergirl. Not even any blood, since they’re aiming for a PG 13 rating. Still, he seems pretty confident they can deliver a good version of the comic original.

Beyond Doomsday, he’s directing an adaptation of New Frontier and Teen Titans: Judas Contract.