SuperHeroHype brings us lots of updates on comic-based movies coming out.

  • Ron Perlman and Kelly Hu are joining Samuel L. Jackson on the Afro Samurai project for Spike TV.
    • The five-part animated series is produced by Japanese studio Gonzo in association/partnership with GHK K.K. and FUNimation and premieres on SPIKE Thursday, January 4, 2007

  • I just noticed that IMDB is listing Kelly Hu as Yuriko Oyama in the Wolverine movie, listed as ‘in pre-production’. So expect to see a rematch of Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike, or at least some interesting flashbacks.
  • A Superman sequel looks like a go with Bryan Singer on board to produce and direct.
  • Superman Returns hits 200 million domestically, clearing an obstacle for a sequel which already looks to be given the go ahead now.
  • Fourth Spiderman 3 villain revealed to be Bruce Campbell?
  • Marvel’s Moon Knight property is heading for a TV series!

[UPDATE – CRAZY: Just noticed that IMDB is listing Kelly Hu as ‘rumored’ for Wolverine and not yet confirmed.]