Probably not. Like 99% probably not and that’s me being optimistic. Regardless this unreliable source is reporting that there is an English live action Sailor Moon movie in the works and that “one of the major movie studios” is trying to get Joss Whedon to direct. The article goes on to reveal the most absurb cast including a mix of people who are too good for such a role to people I’ve never even heard of. This cast sounds just like any other random idiot’s “Who would you cast in a live action Sailor Moon movie?” list which I must admit I’ve read and written far too many of.

This is not the first rumour of a live action Sailor Moon movie. About 10 years ago you couldn’t go long before hearing about Geena Davis‘s Sailor Moon movie she was set to star in as Queen Beryl. Since then such rumours occasionally resurface in one form or another.

So why am I telling you this? Because someone said it. Because it’s probably fake but it’s of interest. Because when they first announced the Japanese live action series I was 99+% sure it was fake.

I guess now we just have to wait for some idiot to ask Joss Whedon about this before that < 1% bit of doubt is put to rest.