New York Comic-ConThe New York Comic-Con reached the end of its first day, and there’s been a flurry of newsbits, largely focusing on World War Hulk for Marvel, and Countdown for DC. Here’s the rundown:


  • World War HulkWorld War Hulk will bring us a number of minis including World War Hulk (this being the main series)…
  • World War Hulk: X-Men, written by Cristos Gage, art by Andrea DiVito – In it, the Hulk hunts for Professor X, despite (because of?) the fact that Xavier wasn’t there at the meeting where they decided to boot the Hulk to space.
  • World War Hulk: Frontline – This will be very much like Civil War: Frontline, only I imagine the quality-of-storytelling gap between the two won’t be nearly so vast this time around. Again, it will be written by Paul Jenkins with an army of artists at hand.
  • World War Hulk: Gamma Corps & World War Hulk: Young Avengers are also announced, but lacking details.
  • New Thor ImageThe new Thor series will launch in July of this year. JMS is still on as writer, with Oliver Coipel on art.
  • As has been announced previously, a New Warriors book will be coming out, starting in June. Writer will be Kevin Grevioux, art by Paco Medina.
  • has images up of Spider Man 3 movie figures, Fantastic Four 2 movie figures, Spider-Man 3 Minimates, Marvel Zombies Minimates, Marvel Legends Icons Wave 2, and the Hasbro Marvel Legends Wave 3. Not pictured are the previously announced X-Men III Colossus, WWII Captain America, WWII Bucky, and a Hydra Soldier.


  • WW3 - DCThere’s really only 5 big points to hit on from the DC panel from today, and they can all be capsulated in image form. Images mirrored from Newsarama’s coverage.

Countdown Image 1 Countdown Image 2 Countdown Image 3 Countdown Image 4 Countdown Image 5