The sequel to the $1 one-person developed indie hit, Action Arcade Wrestling 2 combines retro-style wrestling action with deep customization. There is a huge variety of match types, and players can use the customization tools to design their own wrestlers and ring. Players can go to the creator’s website to download a tool to use on their computer to further refine their created characters, and there is already a community centered around the game that has recreated several old school wrestlers. The game is not polished, although the creator is providing patches and support. Sadly there is no online multiplayer, but if you have a few friends over, you’ll have fun with the game’s many match types. Action Arcade Wrestling 2 may not be the second coming of Fire Pro Wrestling returns, it’s still a hit for wrestling fans with $3 to spare. At the least it will help pass the time before WWE 2k14 hits.