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Powet @ PAX – A Look at Mortal Kombat

Warner Bros was a solid presences at this year’s PAX East in the grandiose Expo Hall, sporting their large logo just above an equally large dragon logo that is the mainstay of the Mortal Kombat series – WB’s product through NetherRealm Studios.

I managed to mosey my way over to the collection of arcade cabinets that had been customized to accommodate the new game, due out in April. Competition was tough for spots to play the games, that had several cabinets back-to-back, and although I didn’t get to play myself and taking video of gameplay was forbidden, I managed to watch a significant amount of matches and garner information and pictures.
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New Thundercats Test Animation: Slithe vs Lion-O

EDIT: Several sites are reporting this animation is from a scraped movie 2 years ago. We’ll update when we know more.

Bandai and Warner Bros are hard at work on a Thundercats reboot. We’ve already seen the toys. Now take a look at the cartoon show expected to accompany them.

The clip features a young, inexperienced Lion-O training on his own until he is confronted by Slithe. Its very clear these are different characters than what we might be used to. Lion-O especially is completely re-written. What do you think of the animation?
(via Flixist)

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