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Pacific Rim movie trailer

Its movie trailer madness this week! The Pacific Rim trailer dropped at some point yesterday. I had never even heard of this movie before, but its directed by Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth). It is some kind of cross between Godzilla, Gundam and Evangelion. I think I love it. This blows the GI Joe Retaliation and Man of Steel trailers out of the water.

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GI Joe hype machine resets, third Retaliation trailer revealed

Just shy of two months from the one year anniversary of the first trailer for GI Joe Retaliation making its splash on a worldwide Super Bowl audience, we are seeing the film’s third trailer. Since the intial splash of the first trailer, the movie was postponed, partially refilmed and converted to 3D. I’m not sure this movie can overcome the initial hype gut punch it received from the postponement. There are only a couple scenes we haven’t seen before, one including Duke (Channing Tatum), seemingly confirming that his death was rewritten as part of the postponement. I’m not sure I can be as excited about this as I was almost a year ago, but I’m still looking forward to it.

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GI Joe Retaliation comes to theaters on March 29th 2013.

[EDIT – I moved the trailer below because it was auto playing anytime the front page loaded. Click on the article to view the trailer.]

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Yet Another Trailer For ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

I might have said the previous one was the “final trailer” but this is the real final trailer. I guess? Its weirdly uploaded to the youtube page for Finnish mobile phone company Nokia. Not a spoiler: no Nokia phones in this trailer.

It is almost entirely music, lots of action, lots of little snips not seen in previous trailers, and at least two line deliveries that set a dire tone.

Nothing about the promotional materials for the last Batman outing made things look this dire actually. I guess since they know this is the last one they want to make it as SERIOUS AS POSSIBLE. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman thankfully lighten the mood whenever they’re on screen.

Notably absent from all trailers and marketing: Marion Cotillard.

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‘Wreck It Ralph’ Trailer, Disney’s Classic Video Game Tribute Movie

In the same way that ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ set a story against the back drop of the world of classic cartoons, and ‘Toy Story’ showed the secret lives of toys, Disney now has ‘Wreck It Ralph’ for the world of video games.

Ralph the villain of an old arcade game, ‘Fix It Felix.’ But he doesn’t want to be a bad guy anymore. So he leaves his game to find one where he can be a hero.

Even in a 2 minute trailer there are TONS of video game cameos. I spotted Boswer, Kano, Q Bert, Doctor Robotnik, Zangief, and more. This movie is going be a serious thrill ride for anyone who plays or has played classic games. Oh, and it looks pretty funny too. Voice cast includes John C Reilly, Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer, Sarah Silverman. Wreck It Ralph comes to theaters November 2, 2012.

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E3 2012: Castlevania Lords of Shadow “Mirror of Fate” Trailer Released

So a week and 1/2 ago, I posted about the supposed new Nintendo DS game that was primed to be an interquel between Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Lords of Shadow 2, titled “Mirror of Fate”. Lot of speculation began flying around communities about what the game possibly could be about, and that the names “Trevor” and “Simon” Belmont were being heavily dropped.

Seems a lot of that speculation was true, according to the trailer released by Konami at E3 this week.

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Safety Not Guaranteed trailer

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Actual trailer for Total Recall

Total Recall - Kate Beckinsale as Lori being bad ass

After last week’s ridiculous teaser for a trailer for Total Recall, we now have a real trailer.

The movie stars Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale and has a supporting cast which includes Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel and John Cho. The film looks pretty neat, so at this point I won’t let my annoyance at the ridiculous marketing cloud my judgement of the movie. It looks to be very similar to the original Total Recall film, without all that Mars stuff. Will this movie be intentionally ambiguous about what is or isn’t real like the first film, or will it just tell us straight up that the whole thing is nothing but a dream? Did I mention there’s a Kate Beckinsale/Jessica Biel cat fight? Yeah…

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Teaser for the Teaser for the Trailer for Total Recall

Launching Monday was the teaser for the trailer for the upcoming film Total Recall. It’s not a teaser for the film, but rather a teaser for the trailer itself which will premiere on Sunday. I didn’t even know this teaser was going to be released! Movie fans should have been advised of this ahead of time. In order to inform people of this teaser I have put together this teaser telling people about the release of the teaser for the trailer for Total Recall. Enjoy.

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