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Elisabeth Sladen, Doctor Who’s Sarah Jane Smith, dies at 63

British actress Elisabeth Sladen, remembered fondly by Doctor Who fans as the Doctor’s assistant Sarah Jane Smith, passed away after a fight with cancer early this morning.

Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith with K9

Elisabeth had been on Doctor Who from 1973 to 1976 and also appeared in the new Doctor Who show. She was the star of her own children’s series, the Doctor Who spin off the Sarah Jane Adventures. The show’s fifth season is currently still in production.

Elisabeth Sladen and Tom Baker Doctor Who

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Doctor Who Explosion 2007

Doctor Who Explosion 2007

Ever since Russel T. Davies and crew brought back the show to BBC One in 2005, response has been enormous, and things have started moving very fast for the UK’s hottest new producer. 2006 saw a second season of the “regenerated” Who, as well as its first (successful) spinoff, Torchwood. New Year’s Day 2007 saw both the Torchwood finale and a special for The Sarah Jane Adventures, based on a former Who companion from the seventies — Sarah Jane also made an appearance in this year’s Doctor Who. Still coming is a fourth series, based on K-9, “the daft metal dog”.

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