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Powetcast 109: Star Wars vs Star Trek

You can like Star Trek. You can like Star Wars. You can’t like both equally.

We have scientifically determined which of these two mammoth space based franchises is better once and for all. We discuss all the finer points, the stuff that makes us most happy and most sad, and keep a running score.

Zac, aDam, Sean, and Cap attack this topic and turn in the longest podcast ever. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be shocked at the results.

Listen live on this page, or subscribe via RSS or iTunes.
Direct Link:Powetcast 109: Star Wars VS Star Trek

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Is a new Star Trek series in the works?

Make it so Star Trek Captain Justin Bieber

A new Star Trek series featuring a younger more vibrant cast is in the works. How young? How vibrant? Well Justin Bieber has not officially accepted the role but I imagine based on no evidence at all that he will certainly be the Captain.

This news is kind of old, and it didn’t come to my attention earlier because it’s most certainly meaningless. At a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas in August Trek Web did an interview with David Foster about a new series he’s working on. And when I say working on, I mean he would like to make a show, but has no money and has not pitched it to CBS yet. Still, some people are reporting this as being “in development” so I’m passing the info along.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Coming to Blu Ray in 2012

Star Trek: The Next Generation has been running on TV no stop for the better part of nearly 3 decades. Always presented in its original 4:3 format and in standard definition. The series was shot on film, but episode masters were on video tape, and special effects were all done on video tape.

Paramount, at great expense no doubt, are digging in the archives, getting all the of the original film negative and recutting the entire series and remastering to HD. They’ll have to edit every shot just like it was originally presented, and sync up every music cue, and re do every digital effect like phaser fire and transporters. A similar job was done to the original series, but like many fans of my generation, Jean Luc Picard is my captain and I’m eager to re-watch this seminal series.

The release will start in January with a sample disc containing “Encounter At Farpoint” as well as “Sins Of The Father” and “The Inner Light”. The full first season will follow later in 2012, with subsequent seasons coming in the years ahead.


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SDCC 2010: Star Trek Toys and Replicas

Star Trek is a perennial brand that is usually ever present at Comic-Con, but there wasn’t a whole lot on display.

Diamond Select Toys

Retro Cloth Figures and Klingon Bird of Prey
DST had some figures on display from their Star Trek Cloth Figure line, TOS Pike, the Salt Vampire, Nurse Chapel and what looks to be the Orion Slave Girl.

sdcc2010_dst_ST_ClothFigs DST_Klingon_Ship

Roddenberry Replicas
This is a new company that I’ve never heard of before but they have a wide offering of replicas mostly based on the original Star Trek series.
Michael Crawford has an excellent gallery of this booth’s offerings here.

Hallmark had all their holiday ornaments on display including a few Star Trek ones.
You can see a full gallery here.

sdcc2010_hallmark_ship_MCW sdcc2010_hallmark_Kirk_MCW sdcc2010_hallmark_mindmeld_MCW sdcc2010_hallmark_amoktime_MCW

Vinyl figures
Some exclusive Star Trek inspired Vinyl figures were on sale at the show. More on that here.

Thats about all I could find for Star Trek. Pretty poor showing this year.


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Powet Alphabet: J is for JJ, Joss, and Judd

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.


What is this composite, amalgamated entity? If you’re a fan of anything Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, or generally geek, you’ve seen movies and/or TV shows by at least one of these three gentlemen — if not all three — even if you don’t know their names. Of the many things they have in common, the most obvious (and least important) is that all of their names start with “J”. I frequently can’t think of one without thinking of the other two. Together they are like some triune entity, the three faces of a Geek (not “Greek”) god.

Let’s explore their credentials together.

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Powet Alphabet: E is for Enterprise

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

Star Trek has created a wonderful universe for fans to enjoy, and all along the only theme reoccurring as consistently as a captain screwing ladies and technobabble is some kind of ship named “Enterprise”. With a seemingly limitless number of ships bearing that name, I will attempt to explore some of the more memorable ones, but before thinking about all those space ships, it’s important to note that many real vessels carried the name even before Star Trek revolutionized the world of science fiction.

'All those vessels were called Enterprise' from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

``All those vessels were called 'Enterprise'`` - Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The above scene from the horrible “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” is just a glimpse of the many ships that have carried the name “Enterprise”. When thinking of the word as meaning an undertaking or endeavour, it is an inspirational word fitting for a starship, or a simple sea faring vessel. From the begining of the 18th century until today 15 ships of the Royal Navy have carried the name “HMS Enterprise” or “HMS Enterprize”, starting with a 24-gun frigate captured from the French Navy. This particular ship is featured in the opening credits of “Star Trek: Enterprise” as well as in Jonathan Archer’s ready room. A number of aircraft carriers have also carried the name. Many of these existed prior to Star Trek, but after the show’s great success, real ships would be named after the fictional Enterprise. This is precisely what happened when a huge letter writing campaign convinced President Gerald Ford to name the first space shuttle “Enterprise”. This shuttle unfortunately never did fly in space, though apparently it will in the Star Trek universe.

NCC-1701.  No blody A, B, C, or D

NCC-1701. No blody A, B, C, or D

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Star Trek Review

Enjoy 24 delicious minutes of Star Trek dissection at the hands (and mouths!) of Zac Shipley and Sean Orange! First 10 minutes are all spoiler-free, watch for the alert if you haven’t seen the movie!


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Star Trek: Keeping Up With the Cardassians

Keeping Up With the Cardassians

Watch this video in High Definition

A review of the first season DVD of the new Star Trek series “Keeping Up With the Cardassians”.

Correction: I mention in my review that according to other Star Trek Canon there is no mention of the Cardassians/Human interaction until Star Trek: The Next Generation era. At the time of recording this review I had not seen the new Star Trek movie, where Ohura orders a Cardassians drink. This casts doubt on the idea of Cardassians not having made first contact before the original series and seems like a fairly flagrant attempt to shoehorn “Keeping Up With the Cardassians” with other Star Trek canon.

Buy this and other Star Trek series:


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