Make it so Star Trek Captain Justin Bieber

A new Star Trek series featuring a younger more vibrant cast is in the works. How young? How vibrant? Well Justin Bieber has not officially accepted the role but I imagine based on no evidence at all that he will certainly be the Captain.

This news is kind of old, and it didn’t come to my attention earlier because it’s most certainly meaningless. At a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas in August Trek Web did an interview with David Foster about a new series he’s working on. And when I say working on, I mean he would like to make a show, but has no money and has not pitched it to CBS yet. Still, some people are reporting this as being “in development” so I’m passing the info along.

The series would take place post Voyager and essentially ignore the continuity of the still ongoing series of movies which are all the rage. This alone makes it seem like a pipe dream to me but hey, stranger things have happened.

Keep checking out where we’ll have news on this series as it develops, or more likely you’ll never hear about it again, because it won’t go anywhere…