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Official Photos of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man figures

Hasbro has sent along some official photos of a couple Spider-Man variants that have been pretty highly anticipated. Miles Morales, the Spider-Man from Marvel’s Ultimate Comics, appears here in 6 inch form and a 3 3/4 inch Marvel Universe form.

6 inch Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

Marvel Universe Ultimate Comics Spider-Man variant

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Toy Fair 2012: Hasbro Media pre-show event – Marvel Legends

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Toy Fair kicked off over the weekend a day early with a media event put on by Hasbro. This gave the company a chance to present their plans for the next year or so for all of their product lines. There was so much information in the presentation that we have broken it down into smaller chunks. Here is an update on the state of the Marvel Legends line and its glorious return to retail.

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The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

It has been quite some time since that initial teaser.

Sony has been very big on calling this movie the “untold story” to keep some interest in seeing the origin story of Spider-Man again. Is this movie looking like it will live up to that? Is this an “untold story” or have you seen and read it all before?

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New The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Images

Sony has updated the official website for The Amazing Spider-Man with a gallery of images from the movie. The Amazing Spider-Man comes out next year on 7/3/2012.

See the gallery of images after the jump.
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The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game Teaser and Concept Art

Marvel has released information about the The Amazing Spider-Man video game, coming out next year alongside The Amazing Spider-Man movie. A trailer for the game will be shown this weekend at the VGAs.

Read the full press release and see the concept art after the jump.
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The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man Revealed by PEZ Dispenser

A PEZ dispenser for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie has given us the first look at the villain of the movie, the Lizard.

The Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled to be released July 3, 2012, staring Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard.

via Newsarama

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[Spoiler] New Ultimate Spider-Man Revealed

Since the death of Ultimate Spider-Man in the Ultimatum event in Marvel’s Ultimate line of books, Marvel has been teasing a new Ultimate Spider-Man. Tomorrow the identity of the new Ultimate Spider-Man gets revealed in Ultimate Fallout #4, but if you can’t wait Marvel has revealed the identity a day early.

The reveal and press release are after the jump.

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SDCC 2011: Marvel Announces Day and Date Digital Releases

Marvel announced in their “Marvel Digital: What’s Next Panel” at SDCC 2011 that they will be releasing several major comics digitally the same day they are released into comic shops. The first comics to be released like this will be the Amazing Spider-Man series start with issue #666, and all issues under the Spider Island event. Starting this fall new series Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine and the X-Men will also have day an date digital releases.

While the Ultimate Spider-Man series has had day and date digital releases for a while now, the announcement to start releasing much larger titles this way is most likely a response to DC Comics announcement that all 52 comics in the DCU relaunch will have day and date digital released.

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