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Movie Posters: Prometheus

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Prometheus international trailer

Prometheus is set to be released in theaters on June 8, 2012.

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Ridley Scott’s Prometheus look pretty cool…

Ridley Scott's Prometheus

Here’s a trailer for Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie “Prometheus”. This movie was at one time meant to be a prequel to Alien, but has since been retooled. There are no Space Jockeys here, but the Aliens do have quite a resemblance to the face huggers we know and love.

Wherever it does or doesn’t fit into the established Alien cannon, this movie looks promising. Look for it to hit theatres this summer. If you were wondering why the way those letters appeared looked so familiar, keep reading for a trailer from a certain 1979 movie that uses the same effect…

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Ridley Scott to make a new Blade Runner movie

New Blade Runner movie featuring Edward James Olmos and Harrison Ford riding Unicorns reports that Ridley Scott will be working on a new Blade Runner movie after he’s done with his new Alien movie. Not much is know about the film at this point but the staff here at Powet can pretty much guarantee that the film will include Edward James Olmos as Gaff and Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard riding on some pretty bad ass looking Unicorns, as can be seen from the on set photo shown above.

Will this be a remake, sequel, reimagining? Are these Unicorns robots or actual real Unicorns? Will the film be reedited a dozen times and released in a box set with 17 versions? Will it follow the novel? If so who will play the toad and the sheep? Will it include clips from the Shining? Will the director and star agree on whether or not the main character is a replicant? Only time will tell! Stay tuned to Powet for more info on this movie, assuming of course this isn’t the last we hear about it…

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