Famicom Dojo Podcast 72: It's About Time

Even in the 8-bit days, the theme of time travel in video games was all around us. For some, it was a story excuse to visit historical landmarks and offer. Other explored idea of what it meant to manipulate tiem Usually, they were some poorly-designed movie tie-in. But each one offered an unmentioned promise that someday, somewhen, the ultimate time travel game would arise. Now, if only someone would invent actual time travel and send that game back to us in time for this episode! Vinnk and Sean discuss their favorite (and sometimes not-so-favorite) time travel games, what they did right, what they could have done better, and spend probably too much time gushing about Presto Studio’s The Journeyman Project and bolstering the merits of the 1996 Doctor Who movie on Fox starring Paul McGann. But, mostly, it’s about games. And we somehow forgot to mention Shadow of Destiny… (Don’t worry; we’ll try to cover that in the show notes.)

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