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E3 – EA and UbiSoft


Yesterday Afternoon, EA and UbiSoft both held conferences on their upcoming plans.. Most of what the two companies showed was already known before E3, they simply went more into depth with what they had. Of course, like Sony and Microsoft, there were a few surprises as well. We meant to have this sooner, but we got hit with some technical difficulties. We’ll have Nintendo and Square-Enix up here early tomorrow. For now, click below and see what EA and Ubi Soft have in store for gamers.

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Stuff You Want for the week of 2011.08.29

Madden NFL 12. This is really the only big release this week, but be sure to look at the rest of the release list after the jump.

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He Put Da Team on His Back!

Some time ago, some guy posted a Youtube video of Greg Jennings catching a 99 yard touchdown pass with a broken leg during a game of Madden. Some time later, EA decided to make an achievement out of it for Madden 2012. Catching a 99 year TD pass with Mr. Jennings nets you 50 gamerpoints. Thankfully you won’t have to do so with a broken leg. Sadly there’s no “F&*$ YOU GUMBY” achievement for players who sign out of Xbox Live mid-game.

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