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Lycia Naff looks back at playing the three breasted prostitute in Total Recall

Mary, the prostitute with 3 boobs from Total Recall

Vulture brings us an interview with Lycia Naff who played Mary, the prostitute with three breasts from the original Total Recall. Lycia has since moved on from acting to work in journalism and gives us a very honest look at what was going on with her career and the film back in the day. Fans of Total Recall, Star Trek and even Baywatch should check it out.

It’s interesting to learn that the original plan was to have Mary have four breasts, but they found it made her look too much like a cow so they went with three. Like in the new film, this effect was done with three completely prosthetic breasts, rather than by simply adding one fake breast to two real ones. I’d spent quite a bit of time staring at these things to try to figure out which one was added, and had convinced myself it was the left breast (stage left) but it turns out I was totally wrong there!

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Kate Beckinsale was almost the prostitute with three boobs in Total Recall

Kate Beckinsale with three breasts

Total Recall starring Kate Beckinsale was released today in theatres. I caught it this afternoon and thought it was great. A Q&A over at Next Movie has Kate revealing that when it originally looked like she couldn’t play the lead character of Lori in the film due to a scheduling conflict that she would have done a one day cameo as the fan favourite prostitute with three breasts!

That role eventually went to Kaitlyn Leeb who we’ve spoken about on this site a number of times. I would just like to confirm that despite a PG-13 rating we do actually see her three bare breasts in the film, though Kaitlyn herself has mentioned that all three are in fact prosthetic. She makes me wish I had three prosthetic hands!

Bonus three boob trivia: Colin Farrel’s character Douglas Quaid mentions in the film that his birthday is August 29th. This is the actual birthday of Lycia Naff, the actress who played Mary, the prostitute with three breasts in the original film! Coincidence? Probably. There are only 365 days in the year and 50 credited actors in the old film. It’s also Judgment Day…

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Prostitute with three boobs returns in Total Recall

Kaitlyn Leeb as a prostitute with 3 boobs in Total Recall

A new trailer for this summer’s Total Recall film has just been released and it confirms that the greatest character from the original film will be making an appearance in this latest incarnation. That’s right, this film will once again featured a prostitute with three boobs. The trailer, sadly, does not feature 1.5x your average pair of nude breasts but we can tell from this finely cropped shot that this fine young lady does indeed have three breasts as she tempts Colin Farrell’s Doug Quaid by saying “You’re gonna wish you had three hands”. Indeed!

Kaitlyn Leeb as a prostitute with 3 boobs in Total Recall

So just who is this lovely lady? She’s Kaitlyn Leeb, a Toronto actress and model from a Chinese and Irish background. On top of a few acting jobs such as Wrong Turn 4, Kaitlyn was also a contestant in Toronto’s Miss CHIN Bikini pageant in 2009. I would have thought she would be 50% better than all other contestants in that pageant, but as you can see she only has the two breasts…

In real life Kaitlyn Leeb only has 2 boobs

Keep reading to watch the new trailer and to learn about Lycia Naff, the original three boobed prostitute!

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