Kaitlyn Leeb as a prostitute with 3 boobs in Total Recall

A new trailer for this summer’s Total Recall film has just been released and it confirms that the greatest character from the original film will be making an appearance in this latest incarnation. That’s right, this film will once again featured a prostitute with three boobs. The trailer, sadly, does not feature 1.5x your average pair of nude breasts but we can tell from this finely cropped shot that this fine young lady does indeed have three breasts as she tempts Colin Farrell’s Doug Quaid by saying “You’re gonna wish you had three hands”. Indeed!

Kaitlyn Leeb as a prostitute with 3 boobs in Total Recall

So just who is this lovely lady? She’s Kaitlyn Leeb, a Toronto actress and model from a Chinese and Irish background. On top of a few acting jobs such as Wrong Turn 4, Kaitlyn was also a contestant in Toronto’s Miss CHIN Bikini pageant in 2009. I would have thought she would be 50% better than all other contestants in that pageant, but as you can see she only has the two breasts…

In real life Kaitlyn Leeb only has 2 boobs

Keep reading to watch the new trailer and to learn about Lycia Naff, the original three boobed prostitute!

In the original Total Recall film Mary, the prostitute with three breasts, was a mutant, as are many of the inhabitants of Mars. It is unclear if this same story will be used in the new film, though as it does not take place on Mars, this may not be the case. More than likely this issue will simply not be elaborated upon.

Mary, the prostitute with 3 boobs from Total Recall

Mary was portrayed by Lycia Naff who had a number of other acting roles in her career, including playing the character of Ensign Sonya Gomez in two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was a spirited up and coming Engineer who got a bit on Geordi’s nerves who just stopped appearing as quickly as she showed up. Lycia Naff later moved on from acting to work in journalism. While working for People she was confronted by Denise Richard on her reality show “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated”, where Denise called her a very naughty word.

Lycia Naff as Ensign Sonya Gomez in Star Trek: The Next Generation

It’s also important to note that Lycia Naff was born on Judgement Day, as predicted by Terminator 2.