Famicom Dojo Podcast 80 - Kickstarter Retro

Ever since Double Fine Adventure (a.k.a. Broken Age), Kickstarter has been the go-to place to fund games in genres long-thought dead (e.g. Adventure Games), by creators long thought dead (e.g. Al Lowe — kidding! We love ya puddin’), or franchises long thought dead (e.g. the Mega Man-esque Migthy No. 9 by Keiji Inafune). Is this a good thing? And can it possibly last? Vinnk and Sean discuss their one-night-only Madison Underground live show, including the story of being accosted by a supposedly off-duty Marine while filming some footage for the show. It’s a long story, and we totally tell it! We also talk about which Kickstarter games are the most interesting, which ones we’ve funnded and played, and whether or not having a Wii U stretch goal is an absolute necessity (well, Sean thinks so). We also tried out some “delicious” Pepsi-flavored Cheetos — complete with video!

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