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Reminder: May 1 is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!

fcbdThe first Saturday in May every year is Free Comic Book Day. This year, that day is May 1 and it is tomorrow!

In all over 30 comics from various publishers will be available, though you’ll want to get to your store early to avoid sell outs. And hey, don’t forget to actually buy some books and support your local comic shop while you’re there.

Don’t know where to get free comics? Go to this website and enter your zipcode!

Then come back and leave a comment telling us what books you picked up, and the name of your local comic store!

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Boston Comic Con – Fall 2009

Fellow poweteers Sindra and Raistlin joined me this past weekend at the Fall ’09 Boston Comic Con. This small convention has started getting attention and has been growing by leaps and bounds each show. Traditionally held at the Back Bay Events Center near Copley Square, the show runs twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

Read on for more about the convention and what I thought!
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PowetToys: Revenge of the Fallen Starscream

For full Transformation video, see more after the jump.
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Powetcast Episode 10: War of the Prequels

powetcast We’re facing a prequel-heavy year in entertainment: Star Trek, Wolverine, Terminator: Salvation, the upcoming Caprica (based on the new Battlestar Galactica), and shows that involve so much time travel it’s hard to say which is the beginning or end. Some of those shows won’t even be coming back next year, thanks to a slew of announced cancellations.

Rock it out with us in the Powetcast for the week of May 18th, 2009!

(Are there any prequels you have an opinion about? Angels and Demons turning your crank? Huge fan of Dumb and Dumberer? Leave a comment below!)

Audio Netcast Details
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Direct Link: Powetcast Episode 10: War of the Prequels

Show notes after the jump!
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The Return of Ratbat

In honor of tax day for all Americans, I wanted to do an appropriate article for the occasion. So I thought to myself, “Self, what better way to celebrate tax day than with the return of the Decepticon Energon Auditor, Ratbat!” I mean really, what’s scarier than a Decepticon? How about a Decepticon Auditor!

Read on for lots more!

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Obama & McCain in Presidential Material Comics

The latest installment in Powet Editor Zac Shipley‘s look into Geek Culture in Madison, WI.

Westfield Comics counts votes for Obama and McCain with Presidential Material from IDW

One hero struggles with identity, searching for a cause in life, coming to grips with how he can bring hope to the world. Another hero stands tall, looking to maintain a long legacy of service, realizing only after losing his freedom how important it is to him. They are not the costumed, super-powered titans found only in the pages of comic books, though, but candidates for President of the United States.
Read more at The Daily Page

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