Soundgarden announced their intent to reunite some time ago (the group split back in 97) and they’ll take the stage for the first time since then at Lollapalooza this weekend. Coincidentally, it was at Lollapalooza in 1996 that I saw Soundgarden while touring in support of their last studio album.
Anyway, their next release is Telephantasm, which is much like their last release A-Sides, a greatest hits album with one new song. What a value to those of us who supported Soundgarden and already own the albums!

Its not all doom and gloom though, since the first million copies of the next Guitar Hero title, Warriors Of Rock, will include the single CD version that album. The unreleased song “Black Rain” will be on the CD and will be available for play in the game. The game releases September 28, and the standalone release of Telephantasm will not release until October 5, so you can get a limited Soundgarden fix a week early!

Hit the jump for the full track listings to the CD and the limited edition CD/DVD combo.

Source: SPIN
Telephantasm (Single CD):

1. Hunted Down
2. Hands All Over
3. Outshined
4. Rusty Cage
5. Birth Ritual
6. Black Hole Sun
7. Spoonman
8. My Wave
9. Fell On Black Days
10. Burden In My Hand
11. Blow Up The Outside World
12. Black Rain (Previously Unreleased)

Telephantasm (2CD/Limited Edition DVD)

(* – previously unreleased on CD)
CD – Disc One
1. All Your Lies
2. Hunted Down
3. Fopp
4. Beyond The Wheel
5. Flower (BBC Session) *
6. Hands All Over
7. Big Dumb Sex
8. Get On The Snake (Live)
9. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Single Version) *
10. Rusty Cage
11. Outshined
12. Slaves & Bulldozers

CD – Disc Two
1. Jesus Christ Pose (Live)
2. Birth Ritual
3. My Wave
4. Superunknown
5. Spoonman
6. Black Hole Sun
7. Fell On Black Days (Video Version)
8. Burden In My Hand
9. Dusty
10. Pretty Noose (Live on SNL) *
11. Blow Up The Outside World (MTV Live N Loud) *
12. Black Rain *

(All Videos Previously Unreleased Except ^)

1. Flower
2. Hands All Over ^
3. Loud Love ^
4. Jesus Christ Pose- (Original Version)
5. Outshined
6. Rusty Cage
7. My Wave ^
8. Spoonman
9. The Day I Tried To Live (Uncensored) ^
10. Black Hole Sun ^
11. Fell On Black Days ^
12. Pretty Noose (Uncensored)
13. Burden In My Hand
14. Blow Up The Outside World (Uncensored)

1. Spoonman (Mash-up Version)
2. The Day I Tried To Live (European Version)
3. Superunknown ^
4. Pretty Noose (International Version)
5. Pretty Noose (Alternate Ending)
6. Blow Up The Outside World (Censored)