I don’t think anyone planned on a long show. In fact, the show almost didn’t go on, with Sean and Sindra both out. But we got a last minute ringer in the form of Extra Zero, and still managed to talk about toys for an hour straight.

This may be the last Powetcast in the form you know it. We return with our 50th episode marking the 5th anniversary of Powet.tv next, and then a live recording from PAX. The show that comes back in March may be very different. Subscribe now and don’t miss it!

Music in this episode from the album Where Did the Night Fall by UNKLE

Direct Link: Powetcast 49: Free Parking

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* Zac “Knocked Over” Shipley
* aDam “Wuuuuuuuuuup” Gardner
* Crazy “did not get a parking ticket” Jaco
* Extra “26” Zero


* Trailers: Super 8, Captain America, Thor, TF Dark Of the Moon, X Men First Class, Cowboys And Aliens
* Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk are gone
* People trying to erect a Robocop statue in Detroit?
* TOY FAIR 2011
o Toypocalypse – Four Horsemen event
o Hasbro’s event
+ Star Wars
+ GI Joe
+ Transformers
+ Marvel
o Bandai’s Thundercats

Cool Beans

* Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Jordan)
* X-Men Arcade Game (Crazy, Sindra & aDam)
* Kingdom Hearts re:coded (aDam)

* IDW Infestation
* Batman Beyond