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SDCC 2010: Hasbro Marvel Super Hero Squad

Hasbro had lots of new Super Hero Squad assortments on display. I couldn’t really tell you whats new and what isn’t, but some of the multi-packs fascinated me. The one above includes Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Loki, Enchantress, and a Frost Giant! Notables single figures (from the 2-pack assortments) include MODOK, Taskmaster, Spiral, Bucky Cap, Ronan the Accuser and Thanos.

SHS_Figs_01 SHS_Figs_02

A full gallery of Marvel’s display from Preview Night can be found here at TNI where I mirrored some of the images from.

More images and updates for SHS after the jump including the SHIELD Helicarrier!
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Marvel vs Capcom 3 New Trailer, New Characters – Chun-Li, Trish, Super Skrull, Dr Doom

Chun-Li, Trish, Super Skrull and Dr. Doom make their Marvel vs Capcom 3 debut in this trailer that surfaced today.
Discuss Marvel vs Capcom 3 on our forums here.

Thanks to bentheo for the tip!

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Chris Evans is Captain America! Hugo Weaving is Red Skull!

Casting for Captain America has been highly public, with every young male actor vying for the role. I was pulling for “Office” star John Krasinski, but he got dropped early on. Channing Tatum was apparently in the top 3, if Marvel wanted to go the unlikable stone faced dancer type.

Now it appears that Chris Evans has been forgiven for his participation in the two laughable Fantastic Four movies by being given potentially the biggest role in Marvel’s movie universe. For DC fans, imagine if John Wesley Shipp was given the role of Superman and you might begin to appreciate how odd this casting is on paper.

That said, its hard to argue that Evans isn’t a likable guy on screen and his performance as Johnny Storm was one of the things that didn’t stink about the F4 flicks.

Slightly less surprising is Hugo Weaving as Red Skull. Having already played Agent Smith in The Matrix and Megatron in Transformers, Weaving could be on his way to being typecast as the ultimate villain. At least this time he’s not a robot.

“The First Avenger: Captain America” is set for release in 2011 and will be directed by Joe Johnston. Shooting begins this shortly, and will be set largely during World War 2.

If you can’t wait to see a Captain America movie, catch the absolutely shitty direct to video one on hulu.

news via THR Heat Vision: 1 and 2

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Disney to acquire Marvel Entertainment

Take this news with a grain of salt since I haven’t seen it up anywhere else, but according to this article over at, it looks like Disney is going to acquire Marvel Entertainment and all its characters including Spider-Man, The Hulk, The Avengers, and the X-Men. As a result it looks like Marvel’s stock price has shot up 25%, while Disney’s is actually down 1.5 %.

[UPDATE] Press release from Marvel is here.

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PowetToys: Hasbro Marvel Legends Ares Wave

Crazy takes a look at the Wal-Mart Exclusive Ares Marvel Legends Wave.

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$20 Game of the Week: Marvel Ultimate Alliance (PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, Game Boy Advance)

mua.PNGIn 2004, developer Raven created the smash hit X-Men Legends. This game took Marvel’s merry mutants and sent them throughout the X-men universe in 4-player action rpg goodness. The game featured customizable stats, upgradable powers, and a huge load of fan service. Raven followed up the following year with X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse which addressed the small amount gameplay issues found in the original XML and featured a story which included even more of the X-Men universe, including elements from the Age of Apocalypse storyline. In 2006, Raven decided to let the whole Marvel universe get in on the act with Marvel Ultimate Alliance. This game allowed fans to experience their favorite (and not so favorite) Marvel super heroes in a way they never imagined possible.
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Lost Kirby F4 comic released. Noone knew.

Fantastic Four Issue 102 Cover

You may remember us reporting about an announcement at the 2006 SDCC. Basically, issue 102 of the Fantastic Four had a script re-write which forced Jack Kirby to shelve his already completed art for the book and redraw all the page. This shelved art recently surfaced and Marvel was going to have Stan Lee write a story and dialogue to go with the art and release it to the public. After that announcement, we never really heard anything more about it.

It turns out that the comic appears to have already been released, but not in the way we all expected. Here is the posting from the Blogs@Newsarama:

The story we first heard about a year ago, the lost FF #102 has finally been published. But not as Marvel announced but rather as a digital comic on a DVD as a Best Buy exclusive that comes with a Silver Surfer figurine for $14.99. I picked mine up last night but have not yet watched/read it… Here’s the info on the DVD.

The Story Behind The Lost Story:
In 1970, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby talked ove the plot that was going to become FANTASTIC FOUR #102. Jack drew the pencils, but when Stan got them, he didn’t feel that they matched what he had discussed with Jack, so he put them aside. Parts of that story later appeared as flashback scenes in FANTASTIC FOUR issue #108, but the rest remained unpublished, and the pages have neve been put together to appear as a single, complete story in their own right until now! With the help of Jack Kirby’s estate, Marvel has reassembled most of that story. Stan Lee has rescripted it, and Joe Sinnott has inked the pages that weren’t inked before. Ron Frenz has filled in on pencils for any gaps in the existing material, and worked in Jack’s classic style. Chris Sotomayor colored the story in classic comics style. Now for the first time, experience this Golden Age Fantastic Four story that has never been publiehsed on your TV using your DVD player!”

I’m pretty disappointed that Marvel chose this as the format for its release. It seems like a bit of a slap in the face to have to pay $14.99 for the digital book. I’m still holding out hope that it will be released in hard copy format at my local comic shop.

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