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Nintendo Switch Details

Last Night, Nintendo revealed several new details about its forthcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. Not the least of which being the launch date, price, and some of the games that will be available at launch. Start saving up now, because the console will be hitting store on March 3 for $299. If you wanna see all the details, check it out below.
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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Nintendo Power Down

Nintendo Power is going away, although the Nintendo Power that we knew and loved went away years ago. How can a monthly, paper publication hope to compete in the realm of up-to-the-minute online blogs, weekly podcasts, and videos with talking consoles?

Vinnk and Sean talk about the art of magazine creating, how the medium is dying (especially among video game publications), but mostly just reminisce about all of their good times with Nintendo Power. RIP, Nester!

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