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Powetcast Episode 31: Pokewalker, Monster Ranger


Back into the swing of things after PAX with news… and Cool Beans? Find out what you’ve been missing on LOST, what you can expect in Doctor Who, and just what the heck a Pokewalker is for, anyway.

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(Did you go to Anime Boston or Boston Comic Con? Enjoying the direct of LOST or Doctor Who this year? Do you have a Pokewalker? Leave a shout out below!)

Show notes after the jump!

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New New New Doctor Who

In a story that’s been developing since the formal announcement in 2007 of Doctor Who’s fifth series, followed by the news that David Tennant will be relinquishing the role after 2009, we now know who the new “Who” will be: newcomer Matt Smith has been tapped to step in as the Time Lord’s 11th incarnation.

With this announcement, viewers of 2008 Christmas special “The Next Doctor” who were outside of the BBC’s broadcast authority last Christmas (and were unable to procure it through other means) will be completely robbed of the only dramatic tension the new episode has to offer — perhaps for the better.

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Doctor Who Regenerates in 2010

Dammit, HAL, I said to open the pod bay doors!  Now look what you've done...

A couple of weeks ago the BBC reported (with accompanying video) that 10th Doctor David Tennant will be stepping down from the role after a final stint of four specials next year, beginning with this year’s Christmas special. That’s right boys and girls: the man who rode the Doctor Who Explosion of 2007 to become one of the most popular incarnations of the Time Lord is hanging up his sonic screwdriver after just four years. [ See the video at the BBC website ]

You didn’t read it here first, but we here at Powet have something to say about Tennant’s planned exit from Doctor Who: DON’T DO IT, MAN!

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Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 8

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy POWETcast Episode 1 – Fit the First
Episode 2 – Fit the Second
Episode 3 – Fit the Third
Episode 4 – Fit the Fourth
Episode 5 – Zaphod
Episode 6 – Fit the Fifth
Episode 7 – Fit the Sixth
Episode 8 – Secondary Phase
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This week we’re capping off the Not Them Productions interpretation of Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy Primary Phase, the BBC’s Secondary Phase (and beyond), and some of Douglas Adams’ work with Doctor Who — including two interpretations of the unfinished episode “Shada”. All this and more after the jump!

(Check out our new POWETcast thread in the forums to leave some feedback about the show. Alternatively, you can write a comment below and let us know what you think, and/or leave a review at our iTunes store to let others know what they should think!)

Show notes:

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Doctor Who: Series Five News

Doctor Who 2010

The Doctor Who BBC Website reports that Doctor Who will indeed be continuing into its fifth year in 2010.

2010? Wait, let’s do a little math….

Series 3 just wrapped up this spring, with a Christmas Special to follow in December. Series 4 begins in spring of 2008 with much the same formula as this and the previous two years. So what’s going on in 2009?

Doctor Who is going “part-time” after Series 4 with three television specials starring current Doctor, David Tennant. Even with Who on semi-break, spin-offs such as Torchwood should be going in full force. But what’s the reason for this decision? Is Tennant on his way out after four years?

Additionally, 2008 is Doctor Who’s 45th anniversary. In the past, these anniversary years have seen multiple-Doctor specials. Here’s hoping we see Sylvester McCoy and Christopher Eccleston (or even Peter Davison!) reprising their roles, as well as Paul McGann in his first BBC Who appearance.

A fan can dream, can’t he?

2007 has been a big year for Doctor Who. Take a look back at January when we broke the oncoming Doctor Who Explosion news. Also, Series 3 is currently just past the mid-point in its run on the Sci Fi Channel — check it out!


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Day of the Daleks

Day of the Daleks

Apparently some fans of Dr. Who got together last Sunday in Manchester, England to break a world record; the world’s largest gathering of Daleks.

67 homemade Daleks converged on the Museum of Science and Industry to achieve this feat.

Original Dalek costume designer, Raymond Cusick, was there to help out with judging responsibilites as well.

A flikr gallery was created for the event here.

Source: Crunchgear [via] MAKEzine


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The Doctor’s Companion For Season 4

Doctor Who
With season 3 now wrapped up BBC’s official Doctor Who website has announced who the Doctor will be traveling with next year. She’s signed up for all 13 episodes.

Details have also been revealed about the Christmas Special “Voyage of the Damned” who has a special guest star as well as can be seen in this announcement on BBC’s official site.

Those hoping to go unspoiled for the next year should not read on though I doubt you’ll be able to stear clear of this news.
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Comics on Film

Spectacular Spider-Man

Spectacular Spider-ManKidsWB released a promo image for the Spider-Man cartoon debuting this fall. The show was previously going to be called The Amazing Spider-Man, but with the Spidey comic line getting stripped down to that one title, the cartoon’s name was just changed to Spectacular Spider-Man. I imagine there’ll be a comic book tie-in to the show of the same name, which would explain the change of the show’s name. Not like they’re about to change the book’s name, right?

Also, Wizard took a bunch of pictures at the New York Licensing Show which – while it doesn’t sound very interesting – resulted in some impressive shots. We’ve got a select few mirrored below – and be sure to keep an eye out for an old Amazing Spider-Man cartoon poster:

The BatPod The BatPod Doctor Who
The Incredible Hulk Iron Man
Bumblebee - Movie Optimus Prime - Movie Where The Wild Things Are

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