Doctor Who
With season 3 now wrapped up BBC’s official Doctor Who website has announced who the Doctor will be traveling with next year. She’s signed up for all 13 episodes.

Details have also been revealed about the Christmas Special “Voyage of the Damned” who has a special guest star as well as can be seen in this announcement on BBC’s official site.

Those hoping to go unspoiled for the next year should not read on though I doubt you’ll be able to stear clear of this news.

I am thrilled at the choice of the Doctor’s new companion. When I first saw Donna appear at the end of the second season I dreaded the thought of her being the Doctor’s companion but then by the end of that hour long special she grew on me so much and I was dissapointed to see that she wasn’t coming along for the ride but I am dissapointed no more.

The Doctor and Donna

Kylie Minogue is an odd choice. Why now? Why not 15 years ago? I enjoyed her in Street Fighter … oh well no sense in passing judgement before I see how it pans out. I suppose she will be some random Titanic passenger.

The Doctor and Kylie