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Powet News Network: Lucky Glauber Signs with LA Lakers for $90 Million


It’s draft season in the NBA. In the wake of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ historic championship win, NBA teams all across the nation are scrambling to make deals for huge trades, promising rookies, and the hottest free agents available. Already the NBA has been shaken up by Golden State’s signing of former Oklahoma player Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade’s departure from the Miami Heat to join the Chicago Bulls. However, one deal that could potentially eclipse both of those is the LA Lakers’ signing of point guard Lucky Glauber. At a press conference yesterday afternoon, Lucky told reporters to Wake up. “It’s too early for bedtime! We outweigh nuclear arms!” said an excited Lucky. Then as if looking ahead to the finals, Lucky taunted Lebron and the Cavs. “Yo Lebron! Are you really the number one?” Lucky’s remarks indicate that he has serious championship aspirations this year, and won’t hesitate to step on toes to get to them. He ended his press conference with an open challenge to any team seeking to stand against him and the Lakers: “Golden State, Miami Heat, San Antonio, NESTS, Team Fatal Fury and the rest of ya’ll can challenge me anytime!”
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Maximum Letdown: Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball

Bill Laimbeer may have been a douchebag in the eyes of many Basketball fans, but after a few brief stints in Italy and with the Cleveland Cavs, he was a somewhat significant part of the Detroit Pistons franchise throughout the 80s and early 90s, until his 1994 retirement (his jersey number 40 was retired as well). He gained a reputation for hard physical fouls and his attempts to bait officials into calling fouls against his opponents. For what it’s worth, he is the franchise’s all-time leader in career rebounds. Still, why a developer in their right mind would make a game starring him given the dozens of more popular and established stars at the time is anyone’s guess.
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