Arrows! Arrows everywhere!

Even though it’s still Thursday here in the States, the second day of the Tokyo Game Show is already well under way. I wasn’t able to attend this year, but Famicom Dojo is still being represented by Vinnk — assisted by two new equally-as-foreign-but-much-more-female companions! (You can check out their profiles over at 4 Color Rebellion.)

Vinnk on the scene the first day of TGS for the announcement of the No More Heroes sequel: Desperate Struggle:

Quite appropriate, as we tried out the original game in our Famicom Dojo Special about the first day of TGS 2007!

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Vinnk and crew also got their hands on another Wii game, Kororinpa 2. It looks quite a bit like Super Monkey Ball:

(Which reminds me, I just picked up a copy of Marble Madness for my NES, and it only took 20 years!)

In lieu of my personal presence at the show this year, we’ll keep bringing you team 4cr’s exclusive video coverage. I hear Day 2 already has many wonders to behold…

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