It seems like it’s getting harder to play video games all the time: an especially embarrassing realization when you’ve gone halfway across the country to attend the tenth annual Music and Gaming Festival aka MAGFest, Sean is joined by guest panelists Justin "JewWario" Carmichael, Brenna "Sindra" Wilkes, and Zac Shipley discuss the potentials and pitfalls of the Wii U, the events of the first day of MAGFest, ruminations on the seeming necessity of the waiver policy in light of ninja refrigerator attacks, and the importance of personal hygiene — even if in Pikachu form. Also, Vinnk (unable to attend due to living on the other side of the planet) regales is with HIS version of a fun convention!

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See just how a hidden fridge managed to attack Sindra in our show notes:

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