Since All-New Marvel had been announced, many fans feared that the X-men books were being thrown towards the wayside in favor of Disney-approved heroes, and that the Inhumans were taking the place of mutants as the ‘hated and feared’ superpowered minority of the Marvel Universe. Happily, these fears seem to be unfounded. For the past few weeks, Marvel has been hinting at a ‘Resurrexion’ for the X-men books. A teaser went out two weeks ago, and last week, several new books were revealed, each of which being a throwback of sorts to the past. However, they leave some interesting questions in their wake, especially since the creative teams behind each book have yet to be revealed.

Currently the X-franchise is heading towards the Inhumans vs X-men crossover, and the current miniseries Death of X details what’s been going on in the 8-months between Secret Wars and the start of All-New Marvel. All we knew up to this point is that the Terrigen mists have been infecting and killing off mutants, the X-men have moved their school out to Limbo, and Cyclops had been killed as a result of an action he took against the Inhumans. Of course Marvel isn’t going to spoil the results of IvX, but from the looks of it there might be a new lease on life for the X-men. If you look closely at the O in the Resurrexion logo, it looks like Blackbolt and the Inhumans may have something to do with it. With all these events of heroes vs heroes this past year (Captain America: Civil War, Batman vs Superman, Civil War II, Suicide Squad vs Justice League), it would be refreshing to see two heroes coming to a compromise and helping each other out for once.


As for the new books, there are some interesting titles. Iceman and Jean Grey are getting solo titles, and it will be the first time both characters have ongoing solo books. In the case of the former, it’s unknown if the star of the title is the current Iceman or the younger time-lost version seen in All-New X-men. The latter’s case is even more intriguing. At first one would assume that the series would star the young Jean Grey from the past, but the book also shows the older one, who has been dead for over a decade.


Cable, Weapon X, and Generation X leave little less to the imagination, but their concepts remain to be seen as well. Generation X looks to tie in to the Marvel Now Youth Movement that’s going on with Champions, Ms Marvel, and Totally Awesome Hulk. It’ll be the first new book with the title since 2001. Cable and Weapon X are also books to look out for, as the former can currently be seen in Uncanny Avengers while the latter book looks as if it may feature characters surrounding Wolverine or Weapon X.


Finally X-men Gold and Blue will likely be the flagship titles of the new X-line. Both seem to be throwbacks to the 90s, when the squad was split up into blue and gold squads for several years.

It’s fitting that these titles are launching next spring, as spring usually signifies rebirth. Everyone feared that Marvel was going to kill off its merry mutants due to Fox, but thankfully that’s not the case. Either way, I’m looking forward to the X-titles being interesting again.